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The product: 46"x46"x20" pyramid light fixtures

Run: 23 fixtures

Notes: After fabrication, these were finished, fitted with acrylic lenses, and hung inverted from the ceiling at the installation sight. State of the art fabrication meets old school!

The product: complex spider-web pattern for a custom motorcycle

Run: custom luggage rack and foot rests

Notes: We also made a custom fuel tank and other brackets to complete the motorcycle. Now this bike is totally tricked out!

Spider Pattern Motorcycle Rack

The product: Replication of a hard-to-find part

Run: small batch

Notes: They say it is the little things in life . . . Customer brought in the part (2nd from the left) and wanted new ones. So we made them. About 3" on each leg, 3/16" thick steel. Worked great!

small part

The product: Iceberg Cooler support bracket for Yamaha golf carts

Run: production run

Notes: It’s a sunny, hot summer day on the golf course. You reach for a nice ice cold beverage from the cooler on the cart to quench your thirst. Well, you may be pulling that drink out of an Iceberg Cooler supported by one of these brackets manufactured by IMS. We laser cut, form, and weld the various components to meet our customer's needs. This is a box of brackets for Yamaha golf carts ready to go out for painting. After that, its game on.

Cooler Bracket

The product: Digital control for parking lot light poles

Run: Prototype to production run

Notes: If you look at top of the light pole, you see a project we worked on from concept through prototyping and development, and now to production. This is a digital control that can be installed on a parking lot light pole. It can be set to either be a motion sensor, dim or turn off various lights later at night, making the most efficient use of power.

Light Pole

The product: Avastars high tech photo booth

Run: as needed

Notes: There are many amazing projects being developed these days, and we are fortunate to be involved in one of them. IMS worked with a customer on a ground breaking project called Avastars. The first unit went live on Nov. 14, 2014 in the St. Louis Galleria mall, with many more projected. We produced over 100 of the components for this high tech photo booth. 

Avastars Booth