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When most people think metal fabrication, they think: Impersonal. “Cookie-cutter.” Large quantities. 

At Innovative Machine Supply, we want to show you a different approach. Ours is a truly unique metal fabrication shop, providing custom manufacturing solutions to a wide array of customers and industries, large and small.

Behind all our work you’ll find a commitment to…

Precision. You get quality parts and products with a quality fabrication process. We pride ourselves on our precision work, from design to production. While most shops talk about efficiency, attention to detail is our top priority.

Customization. Whether you need something basic or exotic, one piece or one gross, we’ll find a way to get you the part or product you need. We can even help you design and prototype your project to ensure that the finished product suits your requirements.

Service. Every day we work closely with clients to ensure they are getting the best service. We promise on-time delivery and guarantee satisfaction. Our work is done when we have met the expectations of our customer.