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One of the most challenging parts of rebuilding an engine is dealing with cylinder heads that warped, pitted or sustained other surface damage. 

Innovative Machine & Supply got its start producing high quality cylinder head shims for machine shops and engine rebuilders. Our Cylinder Head Spacer Shims can help restore valve train geometry, valve clearance, compression ratio and cam timing to factory specifications on engines where the cylinder head and/or block surfaces have been resurfaced below these limits.

Shims from Innovative Machine & Supply are precision cut from 0.020” cold rolled steel. Shims are individually produced using our CNC laser, eliminating the rolled edge found on head shims manufactured using a punch press.

We love specialty orders, and can accommodate almost any engine. So, if you are looking for a way to save your cylinder head (and your engine), contact us.

Never scrap a cylinder head or be forced to buy a cheap knock-off casting again!